The rector of the UABC, Dr. Luis Enrique Palafox Maestre, was part of the Mexican delegation of higher education institutions that attended the 4th Mexico-China Rectors Forum, which took place from September 18 to 21 at the Landmark Beijing Convention Center, China.

This event was a platform for the exchange of ideas and establishing collaboration between authorities and academic staff from higher education institutions in both countries. The main topics addressed were professors and student exchange, academic research, and the digitalization of higher education.

The forum’s objectives were to strengthen academic cooperation, share information about the higher education systems of Mexico and China, hold dialogues on common challenges in transforming higher education in the digital era, and establish cooperation agreements between the Mexican and Chinese higher education institutions.

To promote UABC’s internationalization, Dr. Palafox signed academic collaboration agreements with five universities in China, enabling exchange opportunities for UABC members. The universities were China Communication University, Hebei Institute of Foreign Languages, Shandong Agricultural University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, and East China Normal University.

While addressing the Forum attendees, the executive general secretary of the Mexican National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES), Dr. Luis Armando González Placencia, pointed out that the educational and cultural cooperation between Mexico and China is proof that geographical distance does not limit the influence that shared knowledge and mutual understanding can have in forming a more connected and harmonious world.