Evaluating agencies of higher education in the United States and Europe accredited 15 UABC undergraduate programs in business and engineering. With these, there are already 27 UABC educational programs with international distinction.

Last May, the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) of the United States accredited 11 programs for ten years (2023-2033). 

In the UABC Ensenada Campus: Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Computer Science, and Bachelor of Accounting. In the Mexicali Campus: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Bachelor’s Degree in International Business, Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, and Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. In the Tijuana Campus (Tecate Extension): the Bachelor’s Degree Program in Marketing, the Bachelor’s Degree Program in Business Administration, and the Bachelor’s Degree Program in Accounting.

With this recognition, the UABC community can access an international network to exchange knowledge and experiences worldwide. Students and professors can also participate in a permanent work program with contests, research, and collaboration projects.

Also, the undergraduate programs of Bioengineering and Civil Engineering (Ensenada Campus), as well as Industrial Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering (Tecate Extension) obtained the EUR-ACE seal, which is awarded to high-quality engineering programs in Europe and other countries, for complying with the quality standards of the European Accreditation Network for Engineering Education (ENAEE),

The EUR-ACE seal was granted for a period of six years because of the excellence shown in all aspects evaluated by specialists. In addition, it endorses the quality that the University provides in all its activities and institutional processes.

The main benefits of having this seal are:

  • The prestige these programs acquire by meeting international quality criteria recognized by employer entities in various countries.
  • The guarantee that our alums have the necessary training and skills to perform in a global context.
  • The opportunity for UABC members to access exchange programs with institutions in the European Union.

By Armando Moreno V.