Last November Dr. Luis Enrique Palafox Maestre carried out an academic work tour in which he agreed to collaborate with Northern California universities, companies, and scientific and global technological innovation organizations.

The geographical location and border relationship offer the UABC competitive advantages when it comes to economic activities linked to the global production chain, which makes it necessary that university training includes the generation of knowledge and the development of relevant skills needed in an international environment.

The rector of the UABC visited the Stanford International Research Institute (SRI), where he was received by the vice president of Global Partnerships, Dr. Peter J. Marcotullio, and proceeded to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), where he was welcomed by its director, Dr. Michael Witherell.

Both opened the doors to researchers from UABC looking to join forces and work together to find solutions to the problems facing humanity related to nutrition, poverty, education, food security, and climate change, among others, using the equipment of the highest level that both organizations have.

Visit to UC Santa Cruz and SJSU

On the tour of California universities, he first visited the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC), where he met chancellor Dr. Cynthia Larive and her work team. This meeting resulted in the commitment to hold a joint research symposium and the possibility of sending UABC undergraduate and graduate students for short summer stays.

Subsequently, he went to San Jose State University, being welcomed by Dr. Vincent del Casino, among other authorities, with whom he proposed a collaboration to carry out academic stays and research projects, establish links with the technological sector of Silicon Valley, and promote initiatives related to entrepreneurship and innovation and global development projects.

University of San Francisco

At the University of San Francisco, Dr. Palafox met with Dr. Richard Callahan from the Department of Public Administration. After talking with him about several topics of common interest, he invited him to lecture to undergraduate and graduate UABC public administration students and meet with the academic community in the same area of knowledge to determine which political projects they could collaborate on.

Santa Clara University

In a meeting with Dr. Julie Sullivan, president of Santa Clara University,  they addressed the possibility of establishing meetings between members of both academic communities to explore opportunities for collaboration.

Dr. Palafox and Dr. Sullivan agreed that higher education institutions should focus on regional development, considering strategic issues for both sides of this border area.

Oracle Netsuite

Also, the rector talked with the vice president of Information Technologies at Oracle Netsuite, Katty Coulson, a Mexican-born business leader who, with dedication and effort, has shown that professional growth has no limits. The rector invited her to visit UABC to share her experiences with university community members.

For his part, Coulson explained to the rector the diversity of professional development opportunities in Silicon Valley, which could be within reach of UABC students as long as they prepare in three crucial aspects: language, disciplinary skills, and positive mentality.